The Art of Studying

From being at Rutgers for the past four years, I have come to acquire some study habits that I would like to share with the rest of you. So here are some of my study tips that I hope will benefit you.

1. Always plan ahead: It usually takes me an hour or two to really get into my studying, so I always makes sure I know to add in that extra time into my schedule.

2. Bring at least two bottles of water.

3. Bring headphones.

4. Organization is key: Make sure before you start studying you have all your notes or flash cards organized it helps to not waste any time.

5. Make a hard core study guide with as much detail as possible.

6. If you find yourself losing focus, take a lap around the library, or go outside to make a quick call to a family member or close friend.

7. If you are looking for complete piece and quiet while youre studying and cant stand even the noise of someone breathing, there is a nice room in Alexander Library on College Avenue Campus straight towards the back when you walk in and make the first right. Usually there is hardly anybody back there.

8. Don’t go on Facebook or Twitter, and if you feel the need to, have a close friend change your password and promise not to tell you, until you are done with your exam/paper.

9. Make sure you have good lighting. The tables downstairs in Alexander Library have a few tables with lamps on them that provide very efficient lighting.

10. Bring an extra sweater, sometimes the libraries get extremely cold.

11. Study actively, not passively. Instead of reading over your notes or study guide a million times, cut your study time in half by actually testing yourself. Use flash cards or ask a friend to quiz you on your material.

12. Go into your exam with confidence! Ace your test!!!!

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