The Art of being a Greek

Being in a sorority was one of the best decisions I made at college. All throughout high school I was always so involved, so when I came to college it was really important for me to seek out opportunities that enabled me to stay involved. I rushed Zeta Tau Alpha in the fall of my Sophomore year, and after being initiated I was able to attain leadership roles, be a part of a myriad of fundraising activities, and be an active participant in the Rutger’s Greek community. Some of the larger events that the Greek community takes part in include, Rutgers University Dance Marathon, that takes place in the Spring and raises money for the Embrace the Kids FoundationRutgers Sigma Chi Derby Days, is occurring right now so feel free to make donations, all proceeds go towards the Children’s Miracle Network, and The Big Chill Race, which allows you to donate toys for those less fortuned children for the holiday season.

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The Art of Studying

From being at Rutgers for the past four years, I have come to acquire some study habits that I would like to share with the rest of you. So here are some of my study tips that I hope will benefit you.

1. Always plan ahead: It usually takes me an hour or two to really get into my studying, so I always makes sure I know to add in that extra time into my schedule.

2. Bring at least two bottles of water.

3. Bring headphones.

4. Organization is key: Make sure before you start studying you have all your notes or flash cards organized it helps to not waste any time.

5. Make a hard core study guide with as much detail as possible.

6. If you find yourself losing focus, take a lap around the library, or go outside to make a quick call to a family member or close friend.

7. If you are looking for complete piece and quiet while youre studying and cant stand even the noise of someone breathing, there is a nice room in Alexander Library on College Avenue Campus straight towards the back when you walk in and make the first right. Usually there is hardly anybody back there.

8. Don’t go on Facebook or Twitter, and if you feel the need to, have a close friend change your password and promise not to tell you, until you are done with your exam/paper.

9. Make sure you have good lighting. The tables downstairs in Alexander Library have a few tables with lamps on them that provide very efficient lighting.

10. Bring an extra sweater, sometimes the libraries get extremely cold.

11. Study actively, not passively. Instead of reading over your notes or study guide a million times, cut your study time in half by actually testing yourself. Use flash cards or ask a friend to quiz you on your material.

12. Go into your exam with confidence! Ace your test!!!!

The Art of Fundraising

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Throughout the past week, Sigma Chi held Derby Days, their annual weeklong event to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. The Children’s Miracle Network is one of the nation’s largest pediatric rehabilitation health care centers aimed at helping sick children across the country. All together the event involves eight organizations including Sigma Chi in addition to all seven sororities here at Rutgers (Zeta Tau Alpha, Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Delta Tau, Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, and Sigma Kappa).  Within this weeklong event, the sororities compete against each other through penny wars, field events, a brotherhood auction, t-shirt signings, canning, merchandise sales, and a dance competition. The picture shown below was featured on the front page of The Daily Targum, showing Zeta Tau Alpha participating in tug-a-war during field events.

This year Sigma Chi was determined to break their own national record for amount of funds raised by a greek group in a week, striving to earn $100,000. Well this year, their hard work definitely paid off, because by the end of the week the total amount earned was $167,000! On the website alone, total donations amounted to $88, 355. In regards to the competition, Phi Sigma Sigma and Sigma Delta Tau both took first place by having the most money raised, and Zeta Tau Alpha took second place. A percentage of the money raised also goes towards the philanthropies the sororities who participate are dedicated to. Overall, this event was a huge success that raised money for great causes and allowed each sorority to work closely together towards a common goal. Below I have included a YouTube Video of Gamma Phi Beta’s lip sync dance. Enjoy!

The Art of Reminiscing

                                              A Journey Through Rutgers: IMovie

Hey guys! So first and foremost, I recommend that before reading this first post you play the IMovie that I have embedded called “A Journey Through Rutgers”, it really helps embellish upon the aura of my blog. Currently, I am still in the process of setting up this blog, but I just wanted to give everyone a preview and overview of what it will be about. As you can probably tell from the header, I am a Senior this year at Rutgers University, and not very happy about it. I am still not ready to accept the fact that within the next year I will have to get a real job, be on my own, and figure out what I want to do with my life. Recently, I read a post from a blog that I found on Word Press entitled “College vs. The Real World” that was really amusing while scary at the same time. For those of you who are in a similar situation as me, check this post out because it puts a lot of things into perspective!

Ultimately, I decided to use this blog as a way to deal with this transition by providing other students with some tips about a few aspects of college lifestyle. By providing others with this information will also help me reminiscence on my journey throughout the best four years of my life. Well I hope you all like my concept, it is still in the works so stay tuned!

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